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The Language of Cooking

Who's hungry? In our video for "I Like To Eat", Sam and Lucy invite you over to feast on four of their favorite foods: popcorn, pies, ice cream, and french fries. As a follow-up to using this video with your students, do a simple cooking activity. Kids love to cook…and eat! Cooking activities can be incredibly simple, fun, and provide the opportunity for using lots of language. Food-related activities don’t even need to involve actual cooking but can simply be about combining ingredients to make an edible result while mixing new and familiar vocabulary along the way. Here's a super simple suggestion:

Ants On A Log: a time-tested classic that kids love. It’s fun, messy, and yummy.

Ingredients: celery, peanut butter, raisins.

Other items needed: dull plastic knife or spoon for spreading, container for raisins, napkins

Directions: Spread peanut butter along celery stick. Add raisins (count as you do this)

Words/Phrases: spoon/knife, peanut butter, celery, raisins, spread, sticky, long, short, big, small, “I like/don’t like to eat…”, "How many...", "I'm hungry/not hungry"

*ALLERGY WARNING - Be sure that no children you are working with have peanut allergies before doing this activity. Peanut butter can be replaced with cream cheese or other spreadable toppings. Raisins can also be replaced with any number of toppings such as cranberries, sunflower seeds, small apple pieces, etc…

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